Are the days of Cold Calling over?

Cold Calling


With the advent of Social & Digital Media, EDM’s and Linkedin, many sales people have taken on the task of using technology to assist with prospecting for new clients. Are the days of Cold Calling over?

Many have been successful, others use a mix, and many just rely on the traditional cold calling method which has been used for centuries.

So is cold calling dead, will we see the end of sales people using a telephone to prospect, and we will we no longer knock on doors ?

Some corporations (and not many) are relying on customers to find them through digital means, whilst others have a requirement that sales people must prospect by cold calling.

Reaching out by phone and door knocking is still high on the agenda of many companies in fact all of our global clients are relying on this strategy.

Not a day goes by where we do not receive an enquiry from an organisation and the scope of training is “teach us how to cold call”.

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