Call Centre

Call Centre

Many business people are completely unaware of the amazing sales opportunities awaiting their attention within their own database. How do you narrow down the hundreds, possibly thousands of businesses that make up your database to ensure you and your sales team don’t get bogged down in the process? How do you separate those people who are desperately in need of your products from the ones who are only vaguely interested? How do you maintain momentum and spend the maximum amount of time closing deals and racking up commissions?

Unfortunately, there is only one way to find out which members of your database are ready to buy your product, and that is to pick up the phone and ask them.

Does that mean that you have to do this all by yourself?


Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire a company to manage all your lead generation and qualification while you spend your time on more rewarding tasks?

George Manolis - Synergy For SuccessOur highly skilled team of professional telemarketers can perform a range of services including narrowing down your database, generating leads from either your database or ours, market research, customer surveys, database cleansing and data entry.

Professional Client Focused Call Centre Team

The team is personally trained by the business’s corporate Geeman, George Manolis, who has been described as Australia’s leading proponent in Client Relationship Management. Manolis employs his patented 10-Step sales process to train his team in a great number of industries – even those that require technical knowledge can be catered for.

A call centre project can have profound affects on your business – whether it be to supplement an existing marketing campaign, research in preparation for your next one or inform clients about changes in your products or services – you can not only save time and money but also clear the path to real sales and a more committed customer base.

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