Hiring by cultural fit or Job Competency?

Hiring for most jobs attracts & draws many candidates who are qualified for the role. However, in this mass of applicants, candidates who tick the competency boxes perfectly reduce the “possible group” even more.  How many will fit the culture? Cultural fit includes, personality, ability to “fit” into the team, background similarities, hobbies and Interests, personal philosophies and beliefs, in fact many factors are often considered when a client asks for a candidate that fits the culture.

A further filtering of candidates who fit the culture will only leave you with a small Gene pool of candidates who are perfect for the job.

There are different local cultures say for recruitment in Melbourne, for recruitment in Sydney and recruitment in Brisbane within the same company. We take this into consideration when we are conducting recruitment nationally for our clients. So, a great recruiter knows this and understands the different cultures that environments bring to the table.

Properly interviewing for cultural fit can be a challenge and that is why we at Synergy for Success are experienced in asking the right questions whether it be for recruitment in Melbourne, recruitment in Sydney or recruitment in Brisbane. A huge trap for organizations is relocating team members to other states because they are “good at their job” only to find that once they land in the new office, both the employee and colleagues are disheartened by the lack of cultural fit.

It’s easy to ask complex questions and gravitate toward the candidates who give well thought out articulated answers. However, unless those questions are based on your cultural preferences you could be attracting the wrong people. Candidates who are relocating more and more now from interstate and it is very important to understand that recruitment in Melbourne is a different cultural fit against recruitment in Brisbane. The same goes for recruitment in Sydney as we find a lot of candidates are relocating from south to the north of the country.

All that said, if you value a cultural fit, understand that we at Synergy For Success make it part of our interview process. You just need to take the right approach and avoid the pitfalls, so you hire people who truly enhance your culture. Know when you use Synergy For Success, we are well experienced and have techniques to capture the right candidate whether it be recruitment in Brisbane, recruitment in Sydney or recruitment in Melbourne.

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