How to ask for the sale

Many sales people are afraid to ask for the order, this is sad but true.

Many Strategic Selling Courses specifically teach that if you ask the correct qualifying questions then the order will follow. We do not disagree with this, however, we still need to ask for the order.

Before we discuss what are the best closing lines, let’s talk about the pre-amble, or what has to happen before we ask for the order.

Never ask for the order before the following actions / tasks have been identified:

You have identified all the decision makers, and what each persons interest is in the deal. Remember some decision makers are only interested in the technical aspects of your offer, and others are interested in ROI, whilst someone else maybe interested in your companies capabilities.

You have built a rapport with each of these people above, and you have had the opportunity to have a discussion with each person if possible.

A complete needs analysis has been completed of the clients requirements, absolutely every aspect must be explored. Ie previous incumbent, why are they on the market, what do they like about their current supplier, on what basis they will make a decision, etc.

A sales Pitch has been delivered, and in this pitch you have solved the prospects pain.

Once all of the above have been completed, then we need to start the process of closing the deal. Some of the best options for asking for the order are the simplest.

The simplest include :

Would you like to proceed with this ?

If there are no further questions, shall we tidy up the paperwork ?

Shall I allocate this stock number to you ?

Would you like us to program the manufacture of this product into our production line ?

What color shall we secure for you ?

These questions will surely let you know where the client stands, they will show their cards at this stage.

The next part of the process is to handle the objections.

Objections don’t mean a “no”, but maybe, we need more information, this is how you must view this.

So the next part of your training would include, how to handle objections easily and seamlessly. Buyers are impressed with salespeople that know how to handle objections. You will win more deals when this happens.

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