Is there something missing from YOUR customer service?

This is the signage from the Customer Service Counter of one of our major airlines in Australia.  Yes, it is only a small “fail” that some letters are missing from counter signs, but what message is it sending to their clients?

Sales teams work hard to prospect, qualify and win new customers.  Sometimes it can take years to win some of these deals. Of course it stands to reason that we should ensure we audit and benchmark customer service levels in our companies to ensure we foster customer loyalty.

Synergy For Success conducts after sales surveys to benchmark performance, and we find that most companies fall short in the area of customer service. We would like to share some of our findings, and let’s focus on the common customer service “fails”.

  • Long waiting times to answer telephones – the same goes for acknowledgment times at counters.
  • Inability for staff to resolve issues on first call –  FTR (First Time Resolution).  This is annoying and frustrating for clients.
  • Staff that really don’t care about relationships – this is evident, not only on phone and counter interactions, but also with online enquiries.
  • Not keeping the customer informed of progress – one of the most common complaints.
  • Harsh words conveyed online with respect to service and technical faults – this is a rapidly growing area of complaints, as technical support team members are being relied on to provide technical support and of course “customer service”. Most are ill equipped to deliver outstanding customer service.
  • Insulting and inappropriate comments made to clients in general.

So what are the possible outcomes of such poor customer service traits?

We have had examples of major clients who complain about customer service on the very first deliveries and/or interactions, with threats to move back to their previous suppliers.  Clients who don’t fully activate due to poor customer service will only send you a small part (or none) of their business

Complaints about your performance being elevated to the senior levels of your organisation, or worse, to your competitors, can extensively harm you and your company’s reputation.

It is crucial that your company is performing at 100% plus on customer service levels as this will ensure your clients remain with you and reward you with all of their business.

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