Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Are you looking for a corporate speaker for your next Sales Event ?

Corporate Speaker - George ManolisGeorge Manolis also known as the Corporate Geeman has been presenting in Australia and overseas for over 17 years. He has delivered over 1700 presentations to small medium and large organisations ranging from a million dollars to $50 Billion Dollars turnover.

If you are looking for a Corporate Speaker to engage with your Corporate and Retail Sales Teams then George Manolis has the runs on the board to make your conference an outstanding success !

The topics that George speaks on are:

  • The Corporate Gee-up
  • How to generate more business in any economic climate
  • Supremacy in Customer Service

Why hire George Manolis ?

George Manolis is experienced in all aspects of sales, and this means he will connect easily and seamlessly with your team as he understands these sales models.

George Manolis will conduct a pre-briefing with your conference team, and if required will invest time speaking with key personnel on the job to ensure that he is familiar with the challenges that your team faces on a daily basis – this will mean that your participants will receive a relevant message during the conference.

George Manolis will conduct a needs analysis of the team prior to presenting, to ensure he understands the team’s competency levels. George may even engage his mystery shoppers to audit the various channels to market. This will mean that George will be able to address the shortfalls of the team and offer the company some real value during the presentation

George Manolis is the founder of Synergy For Success Industries, an organisation that provides, sales training, consulting, marketing, research services and recruiting – this means that he can support you with a complete toolbox of products to support your company in the future.

For more information visit George Manolis’s speaking services website:

Geeman - George Manolis - Founder of Synergy For Success Industries