Recruiting Great Sales People

Here are some great tips when you are recruiting great sales people.

  1. Get referrals from friends and colleagues. I’ve found most of the great performers I’ve hired for my business this way.
  2. Ask your customers. Customers bond well with sharp representatives and they often will be a great medium for an introduction.
  3. Use social media. LinkedIn is particularly powerful.
  4. Engage with people – everywhere you go and especially when you have met a great sales person.
  5. Create an amazing advertisement to attract the right candidates for the job.
  6. Head hunt in the right areas for those looking for a career change.

Look for the following attributes.

  1. Conscientiousness
  2. Coachability
  3. Intelligence
  4. Prior success
  5. Passion

Experienced and capable salespeople are a vital asset for all businesses. They are often the first point of contact for your prospects and customers and contribute heavily to an organisation’s bottom line. However, building a high-quality sales team is not always easy. It requires the Sales or Inside Sales Managers to invest a considerable amount of time and money to assemble a team of productive sales people.

Choosing and recruiting right people require a right hiring strategy and a hands-on approach to ensure you hire the best.

Strategies for recruiting top Sales People.

Recruit Salespeople on an Ongoing Basis

Do not start looking for replacements when salespeople leave. Look for talent inside your team. Don’t overlook people without experience as their passion to become part of a sales team can make them a star sales person.

Be an organization that develops a system that attracts sales talent on an ongoing basis. Make sure your culture is a place where people want to work as your reputation will attract sales people that want to work for you.

Advertise in Multiple Places

You never know where you will find a good candidate. Although, posting vacancies on job boards can prove to be beneficial, companies should also utilize social media sites such as candidate pool to choose from. There are data bases available with the job seekers listed and this can be a great tool for head hunting.

Work Hard when Writing the Job Description

Different sales profiles would require different traits, skills and experience. Make sure you sell the job when putting together the advertisement. You have to make the job look attractive to the potential job seeker.

Build a Recruiting Referral Program

Create an incentive program for your current employees to refer salespeople who can be a high achiever for the company. Your staff can be the best people to recommend the best sales person for your organisation.

Hire from your Competitors

Always keep your eye out with your competitors. Head hunting top sales guns from your competition is always something to consider.

Phone Interview

Have a brief discussion over the phone before going for a face-to-face interview. This can elevate some candidates and save you time.

Have Multiple Interviewers ready

If you have interviewed a high achiever with a great reputation then have the second interview lined up immediately or the next day. Good candidates do not last long on the market so you will need to act quickly.

Ask the right questions

Be prepared for the interview. Ask the correct questions. Ask why they have left previous roles and why they are passionate about this role. Make sure the referees match the positions on the resumes and there are no date gaps.  If so ask for an explanation. Listen and let the candidate speak. A good sales person will know how to sell themselves.

Always make sure that this candidate will be a good fit for your team and if they are a sales gun. A bit of friendly competition always helps boost the overall game of your team. Make sure they are teachable to the new culture and adaptable to a certain amount of change. Intelligent people will not have challenges with team completion and fitting in, or any changes they may be required to make to fit into a new culture. They should be able to transfer their skill sets used for their prior success and implement this into the new culture. Talk about these skill sets and how they will fit into your company culture. Above all make sure the sales person has passion as this passion is the reason they will knock on the doors and close the deals.

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