Sales Training gains consistent results for Global Corporation

Sales Training gains consistent results for Global Corporation – Read Below for the full story from one of our clients!

One of our clients who are part of a Global Organisation which collectively turns over $ 2 Billion dollars, contacted us over 4 years ago and asked for assistance in sales growth.

As a directive from the Global Headquarters of this company, the request for a modest increase of 15% per year was requested in our proposal. Whilst this growth requirement seems small, it came at a time when “mining” clients and projects were drying up – so the task was rather larger than it appeared.

A detailed brief was gathered from the client and part of the process was the development of a sales training program Sydney which was able to deliver required sales growth from existing and new prospects. This meant that a complete forecast and expectation of sales was put into place for each sales territory in Australia. The growth was to come from conquest clients and existing clients – the entire process had buy in from all stakeholders around the entire national sales region.

An important part of the process was to increase the revenue from existing customers and our research indicates growth of 20 to 30% can come from this area. This involved implementing an Account Management Plan for the top 20% of clients who brought in 80% of the revenue.

The plan required cultural change in the organisation as well a new CRM system was also specified and installed. Sales Processes were designed and installed to work alongside of the CRM system.

The training was aimed and delivered to all parts of the business, including the sales managers, sales team, administration, and warehousing – the focus was not just on sales growth but also “the customer”.

The sales training Sydney was not a “one touch” scenario but in fact an ongoing process and will continue to be part of the company’s development program in the future as well.

The sales team has now delivered the required results for four years running! This was a calculated plan and came off, ticking all the boxes for our client.

If your organisation is seeking sales growth and increased margins, then we can assist with a program tailored to suit your situation.

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