The questions that help you win sales  


So we have the prospects attention on the phone, in your showroom, or at your sales counter – this is your opportunity to gather more information to increase your chances of winning the sale.


The answers to these questions are the key to winning the sale:

  • How did the prospect find you?
  • What are their reasons for approaching your company?
  • What are they seeking?
  • When they are looking at buying?
  • And on what basis they will make a decision?


This is why the answers to these questions are vital:

Finding out how the prospect found you is extremely important for a variety of reasons; did they respond to a form of advertising, did they find you on google or other search engine, or were they referred to you by one of your existing clients. It’s important to find out what advertising they responded to – this gives you an idea as to what marketing is working for you.

Search engines; find out what search terms they put in to find your business – this gives you an idea of what was on their mind when they were looking for you.

Referrals – it is good to know who keeps continually referring you – you may wish to acknowledge the referrer, and it’s a good talking point with the prospects, it helps break down those barriers and builds rapport. You will often find that the success rates on referrals is higher than from other sources of leads.

Asking a client what brings them into your showroom is a great way of narrowing down what their area of interest is, it is the first part of the questioning and qualifying process. Once you know what specifically they are seeking you can continue to ask them more questions to further hone in on their needs.

It is appropriate to ask the client some further questions to find out when they will buy, how they will be paying, what is important to them in respect to the specifications of the product, what colour, and what design preferences they have.

Sales Questions – Getting Closer To Your Client

Some other questions that help in getting even closer to the client include: what other products or designs have you seen and considered, what have you liked about these designs, and what else could these designs offer that would make them attractive to you. These questions will certainly give you an idea of what the client’s agenda is.

Finding out when the client wishes to make a decision and take delivery is also crucial as it allows you to offer the products that suit the clients timing. There is no point in offering the prospect a product that is not available when it is required.

Finally, we need to ask questions such as: on what basis will you be making a decision? The reason is to establish if they are quality buyers or purely basing a decision on price. This once again allows you to hone in the correct product offering.

As you can see, great questioning skills are the key to winning even more sales enquiries as you are really connecting with the prospect and finding out what it will take to win their business!


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