What are the signs that you have the best sales team in Australia ?

We often come across C Level Executives who advise us that they have the “Best Sales Team in Australia”.

In order for your team to be ranked as the best, here are some questions you should ask yourself.

  1. Does your team actively use Client Relationship Management (CRM)? Not only as a tool to make it a powerful contact manager, but more importantly used to trigger sales process and take the prospect on a journey from agnostic to key account and raving fan. Is the CRM used to manage the sales pipeline and predict sales revenue over the next 30, 60 and 90 days?
  2. Does each sales team member have a sales plan? We have been dealing with this issue for over 30 years here in Australia and the first issue is that most sales teams don’t have a sales plan, and certainly not a territory plan. In fact, in most companies we detect no evidence of a business plan for the sales team.
  3. Are the KPI’s of each member of the sales team agreed upon and signed off by all stakeholders? Once again, this is a process that is often not in place so essentially we have expensive resources in a company that are not deployed effectively.
  4. Has your company defined a PDP (Professional Development Plan) for each sales team member? In other words have you delivered the best sales training to your team and then analysed each of the 13 competencies in the Professional Development Plan? Once you understand the deficiencies of each sales team member, is there a plan in place to develop their competencies? Your Sales Training Provider should be able to offer you support and guidance in this area.
  5. Can each of your sales team members understand and articulate your company’s Point of Difference and can they pitch this effectively to your prospects and clients? Remember the reason your company loses deals, is because the opposition pitched better than you.
  6. Finally the Holy Grail of Sales Competencies: Can your team ask the hard questions? Finding out things like, who is the current incumbent and how long have you been using them? What do they do well and what do they not do well? On what basis will they choose their next incumbent? What boxes do we have to tick in order to win their business?

Before you make claim to having the best sales team in Australia, we suggest you deliver the best Sales Training for your sales team, regardless of where you are in Australia – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or Darwin.

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