Why use a professional external recruiter for hiring your next professional Sales Team Member

1) Recruiters who specialise in Sales Teams can smell a sales gun a mile away. We understand the traits of a great sales person and we can quite often identify these team members very early in the interview. Here at Synergy for Success we have identified 14 key competencies that can be measured when selecting great sales people. It’s these traits that should be considered when making your next available hire.

2) Recruiters who specialise in sales team always have several preferred candidates that are kept at arm’s length, ready for that tap on the shoulder. Once we identify a star candidate we will keep them on our database and have them ready for that next engagement.

3) Not all sales jobs are the same – so many variations of sales roles exist, so trying to fit an account manager into a Business Development Managers role just won’t work. External recruiters understand the ten different variations to sales roles that exist and can assist in finding the right person for the job.

4) We understand remuneration schemes for sales people – External recruiters can tell you if the salary package you are offering is harming your sales performance. We see this daily, and often a small change can achieve big results to a sales team’s performance.

5) Hiring new sales people without evaluating the team that you are placing them into can dilute the whole sales team culture. A new sales person can thrive in the right environment – what could a team with mediocre skill sets do to the motivation levels of a new sales team member?

If you are navel gazing now and are wondering why your sales team is not performing, then ask yourself the following questions:

Did you seek a second opinion on the hiring of all your team members or did we just use the same old techniques we have been using in this company for the last 20 years?

Have you been only hiring from within the organization for reasons unknown, and wondered if this has been working?

Do you fail to seek counsel on hiring styles – sometimes a total paradigm shift in hiring practices can make a huge impact on your sales results. Hiring someone from outside the industry can often pay dividends.

If you are feeling the pinch and experiencing reducing sales pipelines and profits, then call Synergy for Success Industries we are ready to brief with you and change the face of your sales team.

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